I think I could never fully appreciate the nuances of a child until I had one. A child is a little person, with eyes wide open and adventure in their hearts.  And despite kids menus in restaurants showing a distinct lack of that adventure, offer them everything and let them explore.

Welcome to my random site dedicated to adventurous and fun foodie kids and the amazing food Portland and the world has to offer.

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WP Child Theme – scared to mess with them

A WordPress child theme is a WordPress theme that inherits its functionality from another WordPress theme, the parent theme. A child theme in WordPress inherits all the functionality, features, and the code of the parent theme without making any changes to the parent theme itself. This allows users to change the styling of the parent theme and add/modify features without losing the ability to update the parent theme.

Remember, NOT all themes are good parent themes. That much I know.
And I understand that creating a WordPress child theme can be as simple as creating a new style.css file in a new folder. BUT – until I learn to code in PHP, I am scared to mess with this.

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